[opensource] New Distro

Nick Brown brown.2053 at osu.edu
Wed Sep 27 00:24:15 EDT 2006

I see CentOS/RHEL the most in the business world. Debian is most common 
for hobbyist servers. Ubuntu is the big thing in desktops these days.

Jim Dinan wrote:
> a.lathrop wrote:
>> I need to migrate some systems running (an old version of) Mandrake
>> Linux to something else (anything else!).
>> I've been considering CentOS, and possibly Ubuntu, but I'm wondering
>> what other people in other University departments are running, and
>> whether or not they're satisfied.
> What do you want to use the systems for?
> I run debian stable on my server.  It's a rock.  In more ways than one.  :-)
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