[opensource] [QUAR] talks

Daniel McEnnis dmcenn at po-box.mcgill.ca
Wed Sep 27 01:06:08 EDT 2006


There are a couple of topics I could give a talk on if there is 
sufficient interest.  One would be on the various different open source 
projects that are used in music computing with a focus on applications 
in my specialty - music information retrieval (http://www.ismir.net).  
Another topic I could talk about would be on the technology and related 
issues behind many of the online music discovery websites and related 
research.  This would center on http://www.pandora.com and 
http://www.last-fm.com, but would also cover some of the smaller systems 
and research projects that are out there.  However, this talk would not 
have much in the way of opensource about it.  (I think last-fm still 
opensources their code, but they're the only ones - even among the 
research projects...). 


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