[opensource] Website back online

Peter Dietz dietz.72 at osu.edu
Mon Aug 27 14:07:06 EDT 2007

Hey Everyone,

Our website had been offline for approximately 3 weeks or so when the
university shut down the machine hosting our website and many other groups
sites within the college of engineering.

Well, now that we're back online, its time to celebrate, so I enabled the
forum module. http://www.opensource.cse.ohio-state.edu/forum
Please report any grievances with using a forum to the forum.

One of the sites hosted by the engineers council had an outdated version of
drupal or mediawiki or something and someone had been able to exploit
something and infected the machine. Which is why the university decided to
shut the machine down and clean it up and enforce some standards for
machines on the network. Anyways, if anyone wants to redesign our website or
make some improvements, be sure to voice them as our current site has left
the door open for improvement.

Also I want a psp when the redesigned ones come out in a couple of weeks, so
if anyone is part of a sony promotional group and is looking for product
testers, I'll vouch for myself as a good candidate.

Also I wish everyone has had a safe, awesome, productive, interesting, hot
summer and that we look forward to another great year of opensource
being-ness. Also this might be a semi-official send in your ideas as we'll
be needing some speakers for the upcoming school year.

So far in the pipes are a speech on PHP, and another on the Google Maps API,
which leaves room for about 7 more for Autumn quarter.

Peter Dietz
Intern - Video Capacity Creation - Verizon Telecom
Computer Science & Engineering -- The Ohio State University
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