[opensource] Re: Inquiry about JUnit and Eclipse

Joy Wang joycwang at sbcglobal.net
Sat Dec 15 11:40:34 EST 2007

Mr. Dinan,

Thanks for your reply.  I subscribed to the Opensource mailing list last night, following the link in your email.  What I can't seem to understand is that the  newsgroup and other cse hosted newsgroups are members only, and the availablity of them is not publicized.  That is I have no rules, no agreements to follow when I have questions to ask and I have no way to know what is considered to be acceptable questions, what is not, and how to conduct myself and what to comply with.  Under such circumstances, there are no hopes for fixes, no work-arounds to the forbidden territory, no communications are possible, except for heading toward the uncurable, the unsolvable, the dead end.  That is truly "god forbidden", and it is dragging the entire human structure down, that would take the unimaginable to rebuild.  Yes I mean civilization!  I mean we need a civilized regualtions to follow in our daily life.

Joy Wang

James Dinan <dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu> wrote: Hi Joy,

Sorry about that!  Posting on the mailing list is restricted to
subscribers.  This is just for cutting down on spam, everyone is welcome
to join.  You can sign up here:


I'm sure we have some members in the group that are familiar with
Eclipse and it is open source, so you're more than welcome to post your
questions.  The only suggestions I would make is that when you are
posting to a large mailing list it's best to try and ask specific
(rather than general) questions and it's polite to do some research on
the web first to see if the question has already been answered before
you post.

Best of luck!

Joy Wang wrote:
> OSU Opensource list owner,
> I emailed you a message this morning regarding how to install JUnit as
> an Eclipse plugin, but the message was rejected.  How do I post a
> message to the Opensource newsgroup?  How do I sign up to be member? 
> Are you the resource available to the OSU community, where I can find
> some basic technical info about Eclipse and JUnit.  I have searched
> their websites but was not able to find those simple basic such as
> readme.txt kind of install instructions. If you are not the forum where
> I can find the info I am looking for, please let me know.
> Thanks.
> Joy Wang

James Dinan 

Dept Computer Science and Engineering
      The Ohio State University

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