[opensource] Re: Inquiry about JUnit and Eclipse

Joy Wang joycwang at sbcglobal.net
Sat Dec 15 21:09:52 EST 2007

I download JUnit again and find the readme page this time.  Although the installation instruction in the readme page looks simple enough, I am sure there are more into it.  If anyone installs JUnit separately as a plugin in Eclipse, and could post what you observe, I'd appreciate it.

Jim Dinan <dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu> wrote: Hi Joy,

It looks like you are subscribed to the mailing list now.  Please feel
free to post your JUnit/Eclipse question.


Joy Wang wrote:
> Mr. Dinan,
> Thanks for your reply.  I subscribed to the Opensource mailing list last
> night, following the link in your email.  What I can't seem to
> understand is that the  newsgroup and other cse hosted newsgroups are
> members only, and the availablity of them is not publicized.  That is I
> have no rules, no agreements to follow when I have questions to ask and
> I have no way to know what is considered to be acceptable questions,
> what is not, and how to conduct myself and what to comply with.  Under
> such circumstances, there are no hopes for fixes, no work-arounds to the
> forbidden territory, no communications are possible, except for heading
> toward the uncurable, the unsolvable, the dead end.  That is truly "god
> forbidden", and it is dragging the entire human structure down, that
> would take the unimaginable to rebuild.  Yes I mean civilization!  I
> mean we need a civilized regualtions to follow in our daily life.
> Joy Wang
> */James Dinan /* wrote:
>     Hi Joy,
>     Sorry about that! Posting on the mailing list is restricted to
>     subscribers. This is just for cutting down on spam, everyone is welcome
>     to join. You can sign up here:
>     http://mail.cse.ohio-state.edu/mailman/listinfo/opensource
>     I'm sure we have some members in the group that are familiar with
>     Eclipse and it is open source, so you're more than welcome to post your
>     questions. The only suggestions I would make is that when you are
>     posting to a large mailing list it's best to try and ask specific
>     (rather than general) questions and it's polite to do some research on
>     the web first to see if the question has already been answered before
>     you post.
>     Best of luck!
>     ~jim.
>     Joy Wang wrote:
>     > OSU Opensource list owner,
>     >
>     > I emailed you a message this morning regarding how to install JUnit as
>     > an Eclipse plugin, but the message was rejected. How do I post a
>     > message to the Opensource newsgroup? How do I sign up to be member?
>     > Are you the resource available to the OSU community, where I can find
>     > some basic technical info about Eclipse and JUnit. I have searched
>     > their websites but was not able to find those simple basic such as
>     > readme.txt kind of install instructions. If you are not the forum
>     where
>     > I can find the info I am looking for, please let me know.
>     >
>     > Thanks.
>     >
>     > Joy Wang
>     -- 
>     James Dinan
>     Dept Computer Science and Engineering
>     The Ohio State University

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