[opensource] Meeting Announcement: 2/6/07 - This Week In Slashdot!

Alexander J. Lingo lingo.13 at osu.edu
Sun Feb 4 20:11:58 EST 2007


Date: 2/6/2007
Time: 7:00PM
Room: 480 Dreese Labs

Topic: This Week In Slashdot!

Come join us on Tuesday as we look over the previous 604,800,000,000
microseconds of human existence through the lens of Slashdot with Alex.

As always, TWiS is an interactive event and random comments and
pseudo-intelligent discussions that quickly devolve into Soviet Russia jokes
are welcome and expected.

Also, If you wish to remain an Anonymous Coward during the discussions,
paper bags will be provided at the door. Please bring your own scissors.



Club meetings are always open to the general public including nonmembers and
nonstudents.  Meetings are casual and usually last about one and a half
hours.  You are welcome to attend as your schedule permits - please be
courteous when coming late or leaving early.

For more information, please visit: http://opensource.cse.ohio-state.edu
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