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Alexander J. Lingo lingo.13 at osu.edu
Sat Jan 6 17:07:14 EST 2007

Hello All. We had an Officer's Meeting on 1/5/07 and talked about where the
club is going and what we want to do this quarter. We had a very productive
meeting with many ideas. Below is the fruits of the meeting and various
other pieces club information. This is a long e-mail with a lot of
information and I recommend you read it all.

-- alex

Table of Contents
*Meeting Dates & Times
*Quarter Meeting Ideas
*Spring Quarter Workshops
*Winter Involvement Fair
*Website Usage and Update
*Office Computer Lab
*Club Operation Funding
*Tuesday, January 9th Meeting

Meeting Dates and Times
We've decided that the Tuesday/Thursday alternating schedule hurt us more
than it helped. It was confusing and hard to explain to others. ("We're the
Open Source Club! We meet weekly, alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays. This
week we meet on Thursday, so next week we meet on Tuesday!") It also was
inconsistent how many days we had between meetings. (Tuesday -> Thursday = 8
/ Thursday -> Tuesday = 4)

We've decided that we will have a stable day and time each week. Our
meetings will be on Tuesday at 7:00pm starting on Tuesday, January 9th at
7:00pm. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but we believe it to
be better for the club and most of the membership.

Quarter Meeting Ideas
This quarter, we are going to try and have a few more active meetings. For
example, we could have meetings in DL280, where there are computers for all
to use. Once we get the office lab up and running, we can also have some fun
hacking events in it.

We also came up with some ideas for meetings. Below is a list of what we
came up with any anyone who has expressed interest in leading those

*The New GPL -- Farhad has expressed interest.
*Non-Code Contributions
*Bug Reporting & Fixing
*Kernel Modules
*Firefox/Thunderbird Extensions -- Jim will present.
*Gimp Scripts (Script-Fu)
*Gaim Plugins
*Installing and running Linux on the PS3 and other random hardware --
Farhad, Peter, and Tom are exploring this.

If anyone has any other ideas or would like to lead a meeting on these or
any other topics, e-mail me at lingo.13 at osu.edu or the list.

Spring Quarter Workshops
We've come up with an idea of having Workshops next quarter like we had in
Spring Quarter last year. This year we are exploring the idea of workshops
on OpenOffice.org/media creation.

So far, we have ideas for the following items for Workshops:

*OpenOffice.org Writer
*OpenOffice.org Calc
*OpenOffice.org Impress
*Blender/3D Modeling (http://www.blender.org)
*Music/Video creation.

If you have any ideas or comments, feel free to send them to the mailing
list. We'll be discussing these in more depth later this quarter.

Winter Involvement Fair
The Winter Involvement Fair is taking place on Wednesday, January 10th from
6:00 - 8:00pm in the Ohio Union Main Lounge. We should be attending the
event, but have not heard back yet from SOURCE.

We could use a few people to help us man the booth, so if you are
interested, please e-mail me and let me know. It would be nice if the people
at the booth aren't stuck there all night and can explore all the exciting
clubs and organizations present at the fair.

Website Usage and Update
The website has not been very useful. Again. So, I'm at work on it.

I've updated Drupal to the latest version and have cleared out all the spam
comments and fake users. I've added a CAPTCHA system so that robots can no
longer create accounts or post comments. I feel that this will help greatly,
at least until the Robot Bill of Rights passes in 2046.

I'm going to be making the website more useful soon by adding officer
contact info and a reliable & accurate meeting schedule, among other things.

Office Computer Lab
We are working hard on getting the office's computer lab up and running. Due
to CS&E SOC Lab policy, we can only have one active network port. Currently
we are looking at getting the 24-port switch we have working or purchasing
another solution. Once we get a working network up, we should be able to get
two or three desktops up and running on it.

Our other issue is memory -- we just don't have enough for the Pentium III's
we are going to be using. If you would like to donate any PIII-compatible
memory, let me know and we can work something out.

Club Operation Funding
We have received an operating funds from SOURCE. We are looking into using
the funds to purchase things such as food for meetings and magazines and
supplies for the office. While food is tasty, open source magazines are
entertaining and educational.

Tuesday, January 9th Meeting
Our first meeting of the quarter will be on Tuesday, January 9th. It will be
at 7:00pm in Dreese Labs 480. I will be leading this meeting with an
introduction to Wordpress and a tutorial on how to get it up and running.
Wordpress is an open source blog publishing platform, similar to the
commercial Movable Type.
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