[opensource] Meeting Announcement: 1/16/07 - Contributing to Open Source

Alexander J. Lingo lingo.13 at osu.edu
Sun Jan 14 18:29:26 EST 2007


Time: 7:00PM
Room: 480 Dreese Labs

Topic: Contributing to Open Source

Paul is going to guide us through the steps to add a feature to an existing
open source project, in this case gnome-applets.

He is going to lead us step-by-step through the following process:

1. Search in Bugzilla, then make a post
2. Download the source code
3. Edit the code
4. Create and test a patch
5. Send the patch back

And in this particular case,
6. Find out the maintainer hates it, beg for mercy

You all have a chance to have _your_ code run on thousands of PCs all over
the world; get excited! Some of my code is already in Ubuntu Feisty, now
all of you have to get in as well

PS: If you're curious,
check out http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=352802


Club meetings are always open to the general public including nonmembers and
nonstudents.  Meetings are casual and usually last about one and a half
hours.  You are welcome to attend as your schedule permits - please be
courteous when coming late or leaving early.

For more information, please visit: http://opensource.cse.ohio-state.edu
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