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Steven James Samuel Stapleton stapleton at mps.ohio-state.edu
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I'm not sure about this, as I've not dealt with this a lot (I personally 
detest PDFs and will go to any length to avoid them), but there are several 
ghostscript/ghostview implementations in the free *Nix world, including one 
that is GNU. Don't these usually involve graphical editors? Looking at the 
ones available for my system, I notice they also have pdf2ps and pdf2dsc 
applications, which may expand your options a bit. Given you are in Linux, 
you may be able to find a pdf2tex or ps2tex app to join with this as well, 
and I know there are WYSIWYG tex editors, though I've not used them so I 
couldn't tell you what they are.

Sorry I can't be fo more help, but I hope this can at least put you a 
littler further along in your search for an editor/printer.

-Jim Stapleton

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> Thanks for the advice, but...
> I'm not rich, in fact, I'm very poor. I'm looking for an affordable way of 
> editing her PDFs, not where I pay some guy a bunch of money for some 
> software that I'll just have to buy again the next time I reformat.
> By the way, I got a copy of OneNote from the NtSig thing at the 
> involvement fair and haven't figured out how to use it (still). I hear 
> about all these pieces of hardware it works with, but have none of those. 
> I am trying to stick with open source methods of doing this stuff, if 
> possible.
> I spoke with her after class today about the LaTex source and she said 
> that she doesn't feel comfortable giving out her source code to one 
> student because that would be unfair to the rest and if she posted it, 
> none of the Windows users (the majority of the class) would even be able 
> to read it. Therefore, my options are limited to either printing stuff out 
> in massive quantities for each class or finding some way of editing her 
> notes from a PDF format. They are still limited in the pricey software 
> too, as my hard drive is subject to massive deletion.
> -Brian Swaney


>I saw a third-party app for Windows (about $50) that allowed users to open
> and edit any PDF and convert it to Word format.  If you find a free 
> software
> solution I'd be interested.
> I used to have trouble with this as well but then MS released an 
> "Education
> Pack" for my Tablet PC.  I've been using it for about 3 years taking notes
> and recording every lecture.  In the first version it allowed users to
> "Print to OneNote" which allowed annotation on top of images.  That was
> workable, but not ideal.
> OneNote 2007 (part of the MSDNAA) includes this as native functionality 
> and
> it works much better.  Any handouts that my professors give me are fed 
> into
> the document scanner hopper right after class and placed in the 
> appropriate
> OneNote folders.  For example, one professor is a bit of a neo-luddite and
> only gave out the Syllabus on a sheet of paper.  It's stored as an image 
> in
> OneNote, but images are scanned with OCR by default so I can instantly 
> find
> text that's included in embedded images.
> It also has the capability to scan recordings for words using voice
> recognition and even recognizes common accents (Indian, Chinese, etc.)
> giving the capability to scan audio for key words.
> For the luddite professor, I usually just download the PDF of the 
> PowerPoint
> (WTF?!?) and dump it to OneNote for annotation during lecture.  I can also
> start playing the lecture from the point of the annotation - rather than
> having to jump around within the audio to find a key concept.
> The Tablet I have is available online for about $800.
> http://shopping.live.com/#m=prices&itemId=25238174
> Regards,
> Mark
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>> She purposely only does them half-way, so that students come to her
>> lecture and fill in the rest. Being so long, and considering how often
>> I'm staring at my computer screen, it will likely be better to edit
>> them.
>> She refuses to format them in any other way and told me to ask OIT for
>> support with editing them (then got angry when I forwarded theior
>> refusal). She also refuses to post them earlier than a few hours before
>> class.
>> -Brian Swaney


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