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William R. Lorenz wrl at express.org
Wed Jul 4 21:12:20 EDT 2007


Real Alternative on Windows, too.  I also like VLC on Linux.

On Wed, 4 Jul 2007, AP Fritts wrote:

> Hi Brian,
> You can try to use VLC media player.  Your spam blocker returned my first
> message, so I decided to leave out the link.  I hope you can read this.
> AP
> On 7/4/07, BRIAN SWANEY <swaney.29 at osu.edu> wrote:
>>  Hello all,
>>  If anyone is still listening over the summer, I found Helix player on
>>  Automatix2 before upgrading to Fiesty (which doesn't seem to support it).
>>  Anyway, I shamefully regret my novice assumption in its being open source,
>>  and found it copyrighted by my favorite (not!) media company,
>>  RealNetworks.
>>  Does anyone know if their general rule of including spyware bundles (I
>>  imagine so) still applies, and if so, how to remove them if an
>>  uninstallation doesn't do the trick? Also, where might I find whatever the
>>  unfamiliar name for RealAlternative, or anything else that plays
>>  RealMedia?
>>  -Brian Swaney
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