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BRIAN SWANEY swaney.29 at osu.edu
Thu Jul 5 17:39:52 EDT 2007

Sorry about that. I have a fail-safe so I can see details about blocked messages if their score is low enough, and if need be, recover them. I don't want to say why publicly, but you should have been accepted. Your unrecognized address from outside school (gmail.com) tripped the filters; they are mostly white/black list and string filters, so a link would have little impact. Anyway, I whitelisted your address so you won't get filtered again (if you do, lavagolemking at aol.com is less strict, so tell me your address there, and I'll exempt it). For future reference, it automatically accepts any address from the school, bypassing all the rules. I don't want to publicly describe it, because that would leave me open to spammers, with little means to block them, so I'll reply personally.

As for VLC, yes that is my favorite media player. I try to configure that MediaPlayerConnectivity Firefox plugin to play any media outside the browser and into VLC (doesn't currently work to well, so I just read the source, find out where it's coming from, "wget" it, and play it in VLC). RealMedia is one of the few things VLC will play. It plays protected DVDs, but not RealMedia. That's why I asked about Real Alternative. I was mostly worried about spyware residue, as opposed to playing RealMedia files. I know that some programs with these bundles leave the spyware behind when you uninstall them (in the cases when they can be uninstalled), and I'm worried about if that is the case with Helix, and if anyone knows how to disable  it. I made good use out of SpyBot to block RealSpy, as I like to call it, in Windows way back (find and disable the realsched.exe directory in msconfig in safe mode, then block its registry change with TeaTimer.exe to keep it from regenerating), but I
 don't think that's an option in Linux.

-Brian Swaney

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From: AP Fritts <fritts.11 at osu.edu>
Date: Wednesday, July 4, 2007 8:47 pm
Subject: Re: [opensource] Helix Player

> Hi Brian,
> You can try to use VLC media player.  Your spam blocker returned my 
> firstmessage, so I decided to leave out the link.  I hope you can 
> read this.
> AP
> On 7/4/07, BRIAN SWANEY <swaney.29 at osu.edu> wrote:
> >
> > Hello all,
> >
> > If anyone is still listening over the summer, I found Helix 
> player on
> > Automatix2 before upgrading to Fiesty (which doesn't seem to 
> support it).
> > Anyway, I shamefully regret my novice assumption in its being 
> open source,
> > and found it copyrighted by my favorite (not!) media company, 
> RealNetworks.> Does anyone know if their general rule of including 
> spyware bundles (I
> > imagine so) still applies, and if so, how to remove them if an
> > uninstallation doesn't do the trick? Also, where might I find 
> whatever the
> > unfamiliar name for RealAlternative, or anything else that plays 
> RealMedia?>
> > -Brian Swaney
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