[opensource] Summertime...

William R. Lorenz wrl at express.org
Tue Jun 12 00:18:20 EDT 2007


My natural inclination is to think the NSA ... but aren't they in Maryland 
(as far as we know)? ;)  Oh well, it's all together nearby, I suppose. ;)

This kind of reminds me of the guy that came to speak with our class about 
some of the things he was doing at the NSA and told us so much of assorted 
exploits that I could tell he was talking about Cisco vulnerabilities. ;)

The NSA is so secretive that I almost want to work there from curiosity. 
Didn't Larry Wall (creator of the Perl language) work for them, too?

Hope your summer, wherever it is, has fun things in store! ;)

On Mon, 11 Jun 2007, Peter Dietz wrote:

> I'm in an undisclosed location working with an undisclosed organization. 
> But I'll tell you this, the nations capital is pretty nice.

> With intellectual property agreements in mind, what does anyone think 
> about collecting massive amounts of data from excel into an online 
> database, and then allowing multiple user concurrent read/write access? 
> As a bonus, make it export configuration changes.

> On 6/11/07, Alexander Moore <moorea at cse.ohio-state.edu> wrote:

>>  So who all is in Columbus for the summer ?

William R. Lorenz

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