[opensource] Summertime...

William R. Lorenz wrl at express.org
Tue Jun 12 03:54:19 EDT 2007

Hey Harshy,

On Tue, 12 Jun 2007, Sean Harshbarger wrote:

> Bill, Still on list list eh? We are too old skool for these kids. 
> Anyway, c-bus blows, I moved to NYC.

Good way to watch your Cc list and offend our OSU crew. *lol* The rest of 
the guys on the list don't know you also have a history on our campus? ;)

Anyways, I have some friends in NYC and will be up that way soon ... we 
should try to catch-up soon ... off-list? ;)  Let me know what's good with 
you.  What area of NYC do you call home?  Let me know where you're at... 
I'll be in Queens or LaGuardia soon ... let me know what's good up there!

I now see that we affectionately call you by "harsh"y for a reason?! *g*

Feel free to contact me off-list ... I have a new cell ## for you, too.

Hope things are well for you ... always good to hear from you!

> On 6/12/07, Wesley Haines <kremit at wrpn.net> wrote:
>>  On Mon, 2007-06-11 at 19:14 -0400, Alexander Moore wrote:
>> >  So who all is in Columbus for the summer ?
>>  I'm from Columbus (actually Hilliard) so I'll definitely be around.
>>  Working on campus full-time. We should have an OSS party this summer!

-- William R. Lorenz

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