[opensource] Meeting Announcement: 3/6/07 - OPENSOURCE CLUB MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT: ====================================== Date: 2/6/2007 Time: 7:00PM Room: 480 Dreese Labs Topic: Rockbox: Open Source Audio Player Firmware Presenter: Alex Lingo Roc

Peter Dietz dietz.72 at osu.edu
Sun Mar 4 19:52:00 EST 2007

The date seems to be off, anyone wanna shed some light on this???

P.S. If anyone is interested in having a LAN party / halo tournament /
guitar hero showdown, lay down your thoughts because I'm helping e-council
in the planning for that for one of the nights during eweek.

In addition to that does anyone have an idea on how we could source 8 or so
modern computers (decent cpu / graphics) to setup a LAN party? I know the
university has plenty o' machines, but I doubt they would part with us
installing a bunch of games on them. I'll bring this up at our meeting on

On 3/4/07, Alexander J. Lingo <lingo.13 at osu.edu> wrote:
> ======================================
> Date: 2/272007
> Time: 7:00PM
> Room: 480 Dreese Labs
> Topic: GNU General Public License, Version 3
> Presenter: Farhad Salehi
> Come join us as Farhad leads us through the ins and outs of the current
> draft of the GNU General Public License, version 3. Come discover what had
> changed, and what has been added, and what the reasonings and issues
> surrounding the changes are.
> It should been an interesting and enlightening time.
> --alex
> ======================================
> Club meetings are always open to the general public including nonmembers
> and nonstudents.  Meetings are casual and usually last about one and a half
> hours.  You are welcome to attend as your schedule permits - please be
> courteous when coming late or leaving early.
> For more information, please visit: http://opensource.cse.ohio-state.edu
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Peter Dietz
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