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I've volunteered our organization to help out during eweek, and I hope you
aren't too disappointed with the event I've decided for us to help out with,
Video Games!!!

Sometime during eweek which I assume is going to be in the next month-ish or
so, and I think in the middle of the week like a wednesday or a thursday,
sorry for not keeping this one fresh in my memory the day before finals. We
(me, eweek, opensource) were thinking that hot things to do during a gaming
event would be to have a tournament of perhaps Halo, or whatever kids these
days are interested in, pacman, or frogger, Final Fantasy 12 tournament ??,
whatever, but it would have to appeal to a broad range of students.

So I could use some people to volunteer help during the day, like keep track
of tournament brackets, protect peoples xbox, playstations, wii. And also
maybe people who could rent out their equipment, ( I have ps3, ps2, and
xbox) and also other voices on what we can do with this. I've heard that we
might be using some of the FYE classrooms in Hitchcock for the gaming.


Behind the scenes, if you're curious as to why we're helping,
1) We're benevolent, except for our dictator, whose title is a big misnomer
2) We're sweet like that
3) We get brown nose points with ecouncil, they are a good friend to have,
and we get funding and resources from them
4) We get to promote ourselves to engineers and architects while we throw
our gaming party.

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Hi everyone,

I'm going to be arranging activities for EA Week during the E Council
meeting this Thursday, March 8--if your group has an event you want to do,
come ready to call dibs on it.  I'll also have a list of many of the
unclaimed jobs that remain and I'll be asking organizations to pick up some
of the load there as well.  Remember, the more you help the better EA Week
is and the better your organization will sit when you make funding
requests.  Thanks, and I'll see you Thursday,

Katie Malone

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