[opensource] Dear Everyone - Take Lisp

Alex Moore moorea at cse.ohio-state.edu
Thu Mar 22 14:18:49 EDT 2007

So what is LISP useful for besides AI classes nowadays though ?


paul c betts wrote:
> It's Spring quarter again and that means that Matt Curtin is again
> teaching the 2nd best CSE course that exists, 459.31, Programming Lisp.
> Other than 560, this is by far the only course at OSU in which you will
> receive the most amount of awesome from; I would be taking it for the 2nd
> time if it didn't conflict with my ethics class. Lisp is a functional
> language that involves lots of parenthesis. And butt-kicking (censored for
> the children).
> I'm currently debating if it is unethical to skip the ethics class and
> show up to this one instead. Thoughts can be posted to this thread.

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