[opensource] Dear Everyone - Take Lisp

Mark T.B. Carroll carroll at cse.ohio-state.edu
Thu Mar 22 15:21:23 EDT 2007

Alex Moore <moorea at cse.ohio-state.edu> writes:

> So what is LISP useful for besides AI classes nowadays though ?

It works fairly well as a high-level, portable language for general
application programming? I don't know how /much/ better than average
given that mainstream languages are increasingly adopting functional
programming things. Things like SBCL are well-maintained compilers that
produce good code, I thought?

One thing Matt may be able to comment on is if it's easier or harder 
to hire good Lisp developers than it is to hire developers for more
mainstream languages; that is, how the job market differs.

-- Mark (who used to teach Common Lisp (-:)

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