[opensource] Dear Everyone - Take Lisp

Ross Litscher rlitscher at speakeasy.net
Fri Mar 23 12:00:39 EDT 2007

paul c betts wrote:

>It's Spring quarter again and that means that Matt Curtin is again
>teaching the 2nd best CSE course that exists, 459.31, Programming Lisp.
>Other than 560, this is by far the only course at OSU in which you will
>receive the most amount of awesome from; I would be taking it for the 2nd
>time if it didn't conflict with my ethics class. Lisp is a functional
>language that involves lots of parenthesis. And butt-kicking (censored for
>the children).
>I'm currently debating if it is unethical to skip the ethics class and
>show up to this one instead. Thoughts can be posted to this thread.

I concur. I didn't take this course while at OSU, but I should have. 
Currently I'm dabbling in Lisp with the cl-opengl bindings as a hobby 
when I get home from my daily job, and reading PAIP 
(http://norvig.com/paip.html) on my subway commute. I took a small 
beating from Baumgartner's 655(?) course where we had to implement some 
of Lisp (and I had no idea what was going on really). Since then I've 
decided I should learn Lisp on my own.

Any idea what the course book is for Curtin's class, or is it just all 
his personal notes?

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