[opensource] Dell PowerEdge 2500 :: Needs a Good Home

Nate French natrik at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 14:35:09 EDT 2007

Hey!  All y'all are geeks, just for lookin'!   ;o)

I'm writing because the law firm where I work has an old Dell PowerEdge 2500
which is going into retirement in the near future (most likely after May).
In the past year it has not even been "used" but it has been powered, "just
in case a document didn't transfer to the new system."  Anyway... as
retarded as that just sounded here's the cool part:

The administration here is looking for a good candidate to receive this fine
piece of donated equipment.  I know there is a significant community of FOSS
/ Linux / Geek people out there who work with "IRL" community programs.  We
are looking for schools, churches, rec centers, or any other community
efforts, volunteer or otherwise, which could use an addition or upgrade to
their IT infrastructure.  We are also looking for someone to help make the
server (which will have blank disks) become useful as part of some solution
for the community.  I have agreed to donate some of my own time, but my
limited experience likely won't suffice for any reasonable timeframe.  :o)

I'm thinking any place that has an "ad-hoc" LAN without any central file /
mail server could really benefit.

1150mhz Pentium III  -  (pretty sure it's not a P4)
1024mb ecc sdram
3 x 36GB 10,000rpm scsi disks w. RAID controller
Tape backup unit  -  (i think)

If you know of anyplace which would benefit, or if you would like to
volunteer, please reply without changing the subject line (the RE: is
fine).  Also please "reply-to-all" or cc: my email address ... or else I
might totally miss your reply.

-- Nate French

Knowledge speaks, but Wisdom listens.
       - Jimi Hendrix
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