[opensource] Re: [opensource-announce] The Future of Open Source Club & Spring Workshops

Scott scott314 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 14:56:40 EDT 2007

I recently moved from Dayton to Columbus and have been seeking out groups
like this one to get involved with (Incidentally I would be interested in
knowing when you next meeting is planned for).

Brandon's idea of a mentorship type of program really jumped out at me.
Every group like this I have been a part of has had their semi-annual
installfests, but I wonder how successful those things can really be when
you are expecting someone to haul their PC equipment across campus into some
meeting place to have a completely foreign OS installed only to send them on
their way an hour later.  How many of those people get home and at the first
sign of a problem reformat to windows without having given Linux a fair
chance, and what's worse, leaving them with negative impression of OSS.
This mentorship program would be a great way to not only get the user
through the initial install, but also be some sort of tangible support
structure when problems arise.  Linux is best known for having a great
community support structure, and a program like this would really help
advertise that fact.

If you are interested in getting a bunch of geeks in a room, I would suggest
maybe sponsoring a campus wide LAN fest to both promote your organization
and show off the virtues of Linux.  I'm not much of a gamer myself, so I
don't know if there are any worthwhile games that are exclusive to the Linux
platform, but if there are they could be showcased at an event like this.
You could also generate a buzz at an event like this by showing people how
OSS is essential to run something like a LAN fest (ie: Linux based
Counterstrike server, Linux based firewall/routers, etc.).  There is a group
in Dayton that puts on, what I understand to be, a very successful lanfest
that you could probably get some information from.  Their website is:
http://www.daytonlanfest.com/.  I am not involved at all with their group,
but I do know a couple of their members.

Just my $.02.  Looking forward to meeting some of you at the next meeting.

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