[opensource] The Future of Open Source Club & Spring Workshops

Paul Betts bettsp at cse.ohio-state.edu
Fri Mar 30 16:06:29 EDT 2007

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> [Snip] Then comes compatibility. I almost didn't install
> Linux (or possibly even join) because of that one barrier alone, the
> fear that professors wouldn't be able to read my work (remember that
> flame war?)

Here's something we can totally work on this Spring: there is absolutely
_no_ reason why OpenOffice.org shouldn't be installed on _every_ PC in
the University. We need to lean on the SOC lab and OIT to see if we can
get OO.o installed on the lab machines. Swing it as a "people shouldn't
have to pay the Office tax to participate on their home PCs", as well as
a "Hey this makes PDFs!"  Bob Mathis talked about OO.o in his 601 class
the other day, I bet he'd help us if we Emailed him.

> Sadly, if we are getting to this point, this is what we must do to
> survive. They are the future now. Without them, our group will just
> diminish as people graduate out. With the passing time, as you
> expressed, our presentations will unavoidably become more and more
> scarce, until the it's over... I, for one don't wish to see Open
> Source wind up like our brother, ntSig. I've seen it happen in
> tobacco prevention, where I watched groups around me disappear, and
> don't doubt the possibility of that happening here.

This is another problem, we need to get an advisor who's interested in
motivating the club. The faculty are the glue that helps hold a group
through many years and ours definitely _isnt_. Who we can find? I have
no idea, but it'd definitely be helpful.

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