[opensource] The Future of Open Source Club & Spring Workshops

David Shaner davidmshaner at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 30 16:10:12 EDT 2007

Hi All,

I think it would be a shame for the Open Source Club to cease existance. Do you think the university would sponsor an open source lab if there is not one. It would be a great way to promote Open Source in an environment where different software packages and distributions could be tried out.

I current work in the systems field and agree with some earlier comments about people wasting time to development packages for Windows.

There are many worthwhile applications out there, but the promotion of them outside the I.T mainstream is hard. Has anyone considered having The Lantern do an article on the Open Source Club and maybe have a Windows System vs an Open Source System in a cost comparision and ease of use.

Just some ideas from an Ohio State Alum.


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