[opensource] The Future of Open Source Club & Spring Workshops

james scott dinan dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu
Sat Mar 31 18:48:23 EDT 2007

> [ Lots of great ideas and suggestions ]

You guys have suggested lots of great ideas and I really want to encourage
you to pursue them.  At our core, the open source club is a grass roots
organization: we rely on our members to take initiative and make things
happen.  So, please, please, please put your ideas into action!

Big Alex, when and where??  :)

Unfortunately, the nature of the university is that members will come and
go and every year another group of good friends will graduate.  This is
why outreach is so important to the health of the club.  Before the year
ends, we should really make an effort to get some publicity using all of
your good ideas.  Simple things are sometimes the most effective too.
Can anybody dig up the poster we used last year?  Let's print some of
those out and hang them up!  Hang them in your dorm, hang one in your
classroom.  Also, does anybody want to work on a new poster?  This is a
great excuse to mess with inkscape and have your work hung all around

Thanks for the suggestions regarding OO.o on the departmental machines and
putting some "OSUOSS Sponsored" machines in the labs.  I'll pass those on
to the compter committee and see what we can do. :)

Regarding the workshops, let's do it!  There is no harm in repeating some
of the topics we did last year.  In fact, I've been asked if some of them
(the intro to unix workshop in particular) would be happening again
because there is interest.


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