[opensource] Problems with the lab access script

Brian Swaney swaney.29 at osu.edu
Mon May 7 21:54:32 EDT 2007

I know. Sorry, I forgot to whitelist the address. The response Paul
mentioned from swaney.29 is because the address/domain wasn't
recognized. OSU lets you write your own spam filter rules, and I got
really sick and tired of overseas V:i:a:g:r:a ad pictures from
psuedorandomly generated fake e-mail addresses, so I set my spam filters
to block anyone I don't know. If you have an e-mail address that does
not end in ".edu", send me an e-mail at Lavagolemking at aol.com (also
heavily spam filtered, but not white/blacklisted like OSU's address)
asking me to add you to a list of "good" senders.

-Brian Swaney

On Mon, 2007-05-07 at 18:11 -0400, Paul Betts wrote:
> If you don't receive an Email back within 10 mins or so (either saying 
> something is glitched or it worked), check your spam filter and resend 
> the mail. For some reason, a few people's Emails are being rejected by 
> OSUs Email servers; it's really inconsistent though.
> PS: Does anyone know what this means?
> <swaney.29 at osu.edu>: host defang17.it.ohio-state.edu[] 
> said: 554
>     5.7.1 Message rejected because of unacceptable content.  For help, 
> please
>     quote incident ID 104288774. (in reply to end of DATA command)
> -- 
> Paul Betts <bettsp at cse.ohio-state.edu>
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-Brian Swaney

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