[opensource] Problems with the lab access script

Brandon Mintern mintern at cse.ohio-state.edu
Tue May 8 15:36:58 EDT 2007

I had a similar thought.  I guess I was just under the impression that
spam wasn't even an issue anymore.  All you have to do is get a GMail
account and put the address in a .forward file in your home directory in
order to get your CSE mail forwarded there.  Then, you can go to the UNITS
(or is it UTS?) website and get your OSU e-mail forwarded there as well.

I get all my e-mail in one convenient place, accessible from any browser,
with all the spam conveniently filtered out.  I get maybe 4 spams in my
Inbox per week, and I've only ever had one e-mail incorrectly placed in Spam.

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