[opensource] It's Laptop Season

Alexander Moore moorea at cse.ohio-state.edu
Fri May 18 20:40:43 EDT 2007

So after James showed me where to get cheap ThinkPads ( ibuy.osu.edu , 
thanks again Jim! ), I have narrowed my choice down to two:

Both have:
2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
2 GB DDR2 @667Mhz

Apple MacBook Pro - ~$2088
15" Glossy Screen ( 1440x900 )
6x DL SuperDrive
ATI Mobility X1600 128MB
3 Year AppleCare Plan

Lenovo T60P Widescreen ~$1922.58
15.4" Screen (1680x1050)
ATI Mobility X1400 128MB  OR  Fire GL V5250 256MB
3 Year Standard Depot Warranty

Thinkpad Extras:
Thinkpad a/b/g/n mini-pci express
9cell battery
(maybe)MS Office 2007 (It's useful and cool somewhat)
Fingerprint scanner

As for the MacBook, it would be cool to own one, I like playing with my 
girlfriends, maybe it is because it's like a new toy that is waiting to 
be explored.  The 3 year warranty on it covers just about everything too.

As for the Thinkpad, I have a T42 from work and it is built solid, also 
the stupid big resolution (1680x1050) will always be nice.

Now my real question is since I will be running Ubuntu on it, will there 
be any problems with one or the other ?

The main thing I am concerned with is of course the Wireless Drivers, 
but Paul told me Apple HW support is shaky, but IDKWTF he means exactly.
And also if I choose the Thinkpad, which graphics option do I choose ? 
(X1400 or FireGL ?)


--Big Alex

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