[opensource] Re: It's Laptop Season

Alexander Moore moorea at cse.ohio-state.edu
Sat May 19 00:44:50 EDT 2007

Well I was hoping to turn my workstation into a server to host stuff, 
and make the laptop my day to day machine.

WWDC eh? They will probably only announce an iPod nano phone widescreen 
U2 edition. The only thing that turns me off about apple though is the 
one button mouse, seriously.

The thinkpads do have three buttons... and a much higher resolution, 
which I do love having. I'm just worried that if I get the thinkpad with 
the Fire GL graphics that the Linux drivers will be non-existant or 
craptastic, and if I get the x1400 graphics, it won't be enough to play 
some decent games at native resolution.


Silas Baronda wrote:
> Well before buying anything I would wait till WWDC is over.  Could see 
> new MBPs.  Also what are you exactly using it for?
> Alexander Moore wrote:
>> So after James showed me where to get cheap ThinkPads ( ibuy.osu.edu , 
>> thanks again Jim! ), I have narrowed my choice down to two:
>> Both have:
>> 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
>> 2 GB DDR2 @667Mhz
>> Apple MacBook Pro - ~$2088
>> 15" Glossy Screen ( 1440x900 )
>> 6x DL SuperDrive
>> ATI Mobility X1600 128MB
>> 3 Year AppleCare Plan
>> Lenovo T60P Widescreen ~$1922.58
>> 15.4" Screen (1680x1050)
>> 8x DL DVD+-RW
>> ATI Mobility X1400 128MB  OR  Fire GL V5250 256MB
>> 3 Year Standard Depot Warranty
>> Thinkpad Extras:
>> Thinkpad a/b/g/n mini-pci express
>> 9cell battery
>> (maybe)MS Office 2007 (It's useful and cool somewhat)
>> Fingerprint scanner
>> As for the MacBook, it would be cool to own one, I like playing with 
>> my girlfriends, maybe it is because it's like a new toy that is 
>> waiting to be explored.  The 3 year warranty on it covers just about 
>> everything too.
>> As for the Thinkpad, I have a T42 from work and it is built solid, 
>> also the stupid big resolution (1680x1050) will always be nice.
>> Now my real question is since I will be running Ubuntu on it, will 
>> there be any problems with one or the other ?
>> The main thing I am concerned with is of course the Wireless Drivers, 
>> but Paul told me Apple HW support is shaky, but IDKWTF he means exactly.
>> And also if I choose the Thinkpad, which graphics option do I choose ? 
>> (X1400 or FireGL ?)
>> Help.
>> --Big Alex

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