[opensource] New idea for supporting open source group and philosophy, but I need help...

Adam Porr porr.4 at osu.edu
Sun May 20 08:49:15 EDT 2007

Hey Brian

You might want to check out the OpenCD before you put too much effort
into this. No sense in reinventing the wheel!



On 5/20/07, Brian Swaney <swaney.29 at osu.edu> wrote:
> I thought I mentioned this, but I guess I somehow expected everybody to
> assume it based on my frequent reference to programs such as
> OpenOffice.org and VLC Player, and people who are not ready to switch to
> Linux, along with my asking for keycard access and SSH, since Paul had
> no idea what I was talking about and only thought I mentioned it due to
> my self-inflicted false memory syndrome. I have been working on an
> HTML-autoplay disk full of free/open source software for the Windows. I
> intend to have the disk finished by the end of the quarter, hopefully by
> which time SoC lab will have added me to the door, and burn a bunch of
> copies of the disk to place in a pile or stack labeled "Free, take one"
> in the Open Source lab.
> I have some of the files done, some more I plan to have done shortly,
> and a bunch that I can't do on my own. The ones I can't do on my own are
> things I'm not yet familiar with, and don't have the time to look them
> up. I left copies of the completed ones (ignore the "setup.exe" files
> because they are out-of-date and I'm going to update them as I get to
> them) in the /home/swaneybr/FreeDisk directory on the server, which I
> believe Paul set for anyone to have access to (at least the ability to
> read it).
> I have a good idea about what a lot of them do, and put those in the
> need_info/ directory of the attached file, then listed the ones I (most
> of them) have no idea what they are for and need them categorized, as
> well as the information to put into HTMLs. Can anyone match up the ones
> in the need_all file to a bunch of categories, such as
> "word-processing", "graphics", "media", "developers", etc. to help
> ensure this is done before the end of the quarter/year? Keep in mind
> that the more made, the more we will have to pass out at the involvement
> fair, and the sooner they are made, the sooner I (or we) can start
> mass-copying them...
> -Brian Swaney
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