[opensource] New idea for supporting open source group and philosophy, but I need help...

Brian Swaney swaney.29 at osu.edu
Sun May 20 12:20:46 EDT 2007

Yes, I'm intent on making a custom CD for OSU OSS. VLC is a powerful and
easy program for the Windows user to start with, and it is a great
example of what a finished open source project can do. Simple, small,
yet powerful. If you were a new Windows user, would you want your first
experience to be with a Windows version of Totem (not sure if it can
work in Windows, but play along), to have to figure out why it won't
play your mp3's, then figure out what the heck a codec is, then go
looking for a way to install that codec without a spyware ("Potentially
Unwanted Program" for all you corporate employees out there who make the
stuff) bundle? Most Windows users will just give up and go back to their
iTunes and RealPlayer. I figured VLC would be a nice way to start them

I don't think I can really fit Ubuntu in them, but perhaps I could link
them to an ISO or something and find a free ISO burning program to help
them along the way. I think the idea behind the current Ubuntu disks is
because they're in a pretty case and they have labels on them, so they
are more appealing to people than some disk that has a name of an
operating system they've never heard of written on it in black (or even
red) marker. As for the FreeDisk, I had something along the lines of
sticking  a bunch in a CD case and having it sit somewhere with a sign
saying "Free, take one" and maybe a description. In case we ever run
out, we could store the ISO on the server.

-Brian Swaney

On Sun, 2007-05-20 at 10:56 -0400, Peter Dietz wrote:
> The OpenCD is almost exactly what Bryan is talking about, but I think
> a custom OSU OSS edition is what is intended. That could be pretty
> cool. Since we have a bunch of old ubuntu cds and cases, we could
> stuff the old case with the latest  copy of ubuntu that we've burned,
> and also put in our own OSU Open CD. 
> If anyone is curious as to why VLC media player is not included in The
> OpenCD, you might want to read their comment page on it.
> http://www.theopencd.org/NewPrograms/VideoLAN-VLC
> {for those too lazy to follow}
> RolandDeschain           VLC needs a new installer that can download
> the DVD library as an optional extra.
> HenrikOmma           Yes, or at the very least it needs to be
> re-packaged without deCSS with a new installer. This should be fairly
> simple (I've done some NSIS stuff recently). 
> ChrisGray           As we've said above, all we need is a version sans
> deCSS.
> ===
> So I guess the open people don't like to distribute programs that
> decrypt copy protection. Just like nobody likes telling 09 people to
> press the F9 key... 
> On 5/20/07, Adam Porr <porr.4 at osu.edu> wrote:
>         Hey Brian
>         You might want to check out the OpenCD before you put too much
>         effort
>         into this. No sense in reinventing the wheel!
>         http://www.theopencd.org/
>         Adam
>         On 5/20/07, Brian Swaney <swaney.29 at osu.edu> wrote:
>         > I thought I mentioned this, but I guess I somehow expected
>         everybody to
>         > assume it based on my frequent reference to programs such
>         as 
>         > OpenOffice.org and VLC Player, and people who are not ready
>         to switch to
>         > Linux, along with my asking for keycard access and SSH,
>         since Paul had
>         > no idea what I was talking about and only thought I
>         mentioned it due to 
>         > my self-inflicted false memory syndrome. I have been working
>         on an
>         > HTML-autoplay disk full of free/open source software for the
>         Windows. I
>         > intend to have the disk finished by the end of the quarter,
>         hopefully by 
>         > which time SoC lab will have added me to the door, and burn
>         a bunch of
>         > copies of the disk to place in a pile or stack labeled
>         "Free, take one"
>         > in the Open Source lab.
>         >
>         > I have some of the files done, some more I plan to have done
>         shortly, 
>         > and a bunch that I can't do on my own. The ones I can't do
>         on my own are
>         > things I'm not yet familiar with, and don't have the time to
>         look them
>         > up. I left copies of the completed ones (ignore the "
>         setup.exe" files
>         > because they are out-of-date and I'm going to update them as
>         I get to
>         > them) in the /home/swaneybr/FreeDisk directory on the
>         server, which I
>         > believe Paul set for anyone to have access to (at least the
>         ability to 
>         > read it).
>         >
>         > I have a good idea about what a lot of them do, and put
>         those in the
>         > need_info/ directory of the attached file, then listed the
>         ones I (most
>         > of them) have no idea what they are for and need them
>         categorized, as 
>         > well as the information to put into HTMLs. Can anyone match
>         up the ones
>         > in the need_all file to a bunch of categories, such as
>         > "word-processing", "graphics", "media", "developers", etc.
>         to help 
>         > ensure this is done before the end of the quarter/year? Keep
>         in mind
>         > that the more made, the more we will have to pass out at the
>         involvement
>         > fair, and the sooner they are made, the sooner I (or we) can
>         start 
>         > mass-copying them...
>         >
>         >
>         > -Brian Swaney
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