[opensource] New idea for supporting open source group and philosophy, but I need help...

Jim Dinan dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu
Sun May 20 17:54:39 EDT 2007

Hi Brian,

These portable apps are configured so that they don't need to be
installed globally on the system to be used.  Typically people will
either run them from a USB flash drive or from their personal space on a
computer where they don't have admin rights.  This doesn't require any
extra privileges apart from normal user stuff so I don't see why it
would be a problem.

If the dept of CSE wanted to prevent people from running their own
programs on lab computers they could do that via windows security..  But
that wouldn't make a whole lot of sense since the whole point is that we
make our own programs.  ;)


Brian Swaney wrote:
> I tried one of these portable applications, but what is the difference
> between them? They still extract themselves, rather than simply run like
> PuTTY does, but do they still write registries? Can they be run without
> administrative privileges?
> In regards to your comment about running them in the computer lab,
> wouldn't SoC lab get ticked off at us if we ran "unauthorized" programs
> from the lab's computers?
> -Brian Swaney
> On Sun, 2007-05-20 at 12:24 -0400, Jim Dinan wrote:
>> Does OpenCD have the installers for these apps or are they portable
>> (http://portableapps.com/)?  One way to promote open source would be to
>> hand out portable app CDs so people can use them right there in the
>> computer lab.
>>   ~Jim.
>> Peter Dietz wrote:
>>> The OpenCD is almost exactly what Bryan is talking about, but I think a
>>> custom OSU OSS edition is what is intended. That could be pretty cool.
>>> Since we have a bunch of old ubuntu cds and cases, we could stuff the
>>> old case with the latest  copy of ubuntu that we've burned, and also put
>>> in our own OSU Open CD.
>>> If anyone is curious as to why VLC media player is not included in The
>>> OpenCD, you might want to read their comment page on it.
>>> http://www.theopencd.org/NewPrograms/VideoLAN-VLC
>>> <http://www.theopencd.org/NewPrograms/VideoLAN-VLC>
>>> {for those too lazy to follow}
>>> RolandDeschain           VLC needs a new installer that can download the
>>> DVD library as an optional extra.
>>> HenrikOmma           Yes, or at the very least it needs to be
>>> re-packaged without deCSS with a new installer. This should be fairly
>>> simple (I've done some NSIS stuff recently).
>>> ChrisGray           As we've said above, all we need is a version sans
>>> deCSS.

James Dinan <dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu>

Dept Computer Science and Engineering
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