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In case anyone doesn't get these guest lecturer emails, this sounds like a
very interesting talk.

And also, there is no topic for tomorrows meeting, and we are nearing
finals, so I think we should take a recess until Winter Quarter.  Also we
will find out Thursday if we are approved for funding from Engineers
Council, so in honor of tradition, shall we hold a social instead? i.e.
Varsity Club, Donatos

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Date: Nov 28, 2007 3:13 PM
Subject: Distinguished Guest Lecturer
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Programming Challenges for Petascale and Multicore Parallel Systems

Vivek Sarkar
E.D. Butcher Professor of Computer Science Rice University

Nov 29 2007 3:30 pm

480 Dreese Labs

All interested parties are invited to attend.

Refreshments will be served prior to the talk.


This decade marks a resurgence for parallel computing with high-end
systems moving to petascale and mainstream systems moving to multi-core
processors. Unlike previous generations of hardware evolution, this
shift will have a major impact on existing software. For petascale, it
is widely recognized by application experts that past approaches based
on domain decomposition will not scale to exploit the parallelism
available in future high-end systems. For multicore, it is
acknowledged by hardware vendors that enablement of mainstream
software for execution on multiple cores is the major open problem
that needs to be solved in support of this hardware trend. These
software challenges are further compounded by an increased adoption of
high performance computing in new application domains that may not fit
the patterns of parallelism that have been studied by the community
thus far.

In this talk, we compare and contrast the software stacks that are
being developed for petascale and multicore parallel systems, and the
challenges that they pose to the programmer. We discuss ongoing work
on high productivity languages and tools that can help address these
challenges for petascale applications on high-end systems. We also
discuss ongoing work on concurrency in virtual machines (managed
runtimes) to support lightweight concurrency for mainstream
applications on multicore systems. Examples will be give from research
projects under way in these areas including UPC, CAF, Java Concurrency
Utilities, and X10. Finally, we outline the new Habanero research
project being initiated at Rice University that aims to unify elements
of the petascale and multicore software stacks so as to produce
portable software that can run unchanged on a range of homogeneous and
heterogeneous multicore systems.

Professor Vivek Sarkar conducts research in programming languages,
program analysis, compiler optimizations and virtual machines for
 parallel and high performance computer systems. His past projects
include the X10 programming language, the Jikes Research Virtual
Machine for the Java language, the ASTI optimizer used in IBM's XL
Fortran product compilers, the PTRAN automatic parallelization system,
and profile-directed partitioning and scheduling of Sisal programs. He
is in the process of starting up the Habanero Multicore Software
project at Rice University which spans the areas of programming
languages, optimizing and parallelizing compilers, virtual machines,
and concurrency libraries for homogeneous and heterogeneous multicore

Vivek became a member of the IBM Academy of Technology in 1995, an ACM
Distinguished Scientist in 2006, and the E.D. Butcher Professor of
Computer Science at Rice University in 2007. Prior to joining Rice
University in July 2007, Professor Sarkar was Senior Manager of
Programming Technologies at IBM Research. His responsibilities at IBM
included leading IBM's research efforts in Programming Model, Tools,
and Productivity in the PERCS project during 2002 - 2007 as part of
the DARPA High Productivity Computing System program. Vivek holds a
B.Tech. degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, an
M.S. degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Ph.D. from
Stanford University. In 1997, he was on sabbatical as a visiting
associate professor at MIT, where he was a founding member of the MIT
RAW multicore project.

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