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Ok, so it's not open source but it's always nice to support our fellow
orgs in CS&E.  :)  Below is ntSig's announcement:

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Subject: [ntSig Mailing List] Updates and Halo 3 Launch Party
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------------UPDATES AND HALO 3 LAUNCH PARTY------------

Hey ntSig members,

My name is Michael Enriquez, and I'm the new ntSig president for the
2007-2008 school year.  I'd like to share with you some changes I've
made with the website and mailing list, and talk about the first meeting
of the year.

First, I've setup a new website at [http://www.ntsig.com].  I'll be
using the website to post events, articles, and pictures.  I've also
migrated the mailing list to be integrated with the website.  I
encourage you to create an account and interact with the site, as it
will be the central place for all things ntSig.

Now, details for the first event:

Halo 3 Launch Party [http://www.ntsig.com//node/2]
Friday, October 12th, 6pm
Mendenhall Lab Room 100

I will be giving a short introduction to Microsoft XNA and the Imagine
Cup, and for the rest of the time we'll be having a Halo 3 Tournament.
Even if you don't play Halo, I hope you can still stop by so that I can
meet you.

See you there!

Michael Enriquez
ntSig President
OSU Microsoft Student Partner

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