[opensource] Open-source starting back up?

Peter Dietz dietz.72 at osu.edu
Wed Sep 12 15:00:31 EDT 2007

Greetings from you new 2007-2008 Benevolent Dictator of Opensource,

I'm still on internship in DC. Which sums up why I am weeks behind on
anything and everything Ohio. Sad fact, is that I only catch football scores
the next day, as I haven't even watched any OSU football games yet this
year. Behind the scenes, Jim and I had been doing some event planning, but I
don't think we've formalized dates or topics yet.

Important things coming up:
-Autumn involvement fair 9/17 monday noon to 4pm on the oval
-school and perhaps our first meeting
-Ohio LinuxFest 2007 Sept 29 saturday

Quick goals for this year: increase activity within opensource, gain new
members, spread computer science interest/pride among fellow computer
science students and perhaps to the rest of the campus, reach out to our
neighboring groups and have occasional CS/technology meetings that are not
limited to just opensource.. i.e. ACM, ACM-W, IEEE,  ntSIG, someother CSE or
EE groups,, get money for decent lab equipment, get a mini fridge and couch
in the office, have pizza parties in the Caldwell Labs 112 / 112F through
Google funds so that ALL computer science students can get a break., spawn
some smart people to create some cool apps for mobile devices....

As you can see this might border on crazy, and if this reaching out to ntSIG
is heresy then let your voice be heard.

lets get it started...

On 9/10/07, Drew <saphetiger at post891.org> wrote:
> Hey,
> So I haven't seen any activity on this list in a while.  Is open-source
> starting back up soon?  I know fall quarter is about to begin and such.
> Just idle curiosity.  I was wondering if there might be somebody that
> might give a presentation on nessus.  It looks really interesting, but I
> haven't figured out how to effectively use it.
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Peter Dietz
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