[opensource] Re: LinuxFest

Farhad Salehi salehi at cse.ohio-state.edu
Mon Sep 24 11:58:35 EDT 2007

Alright well let us try and get everyone who would like to help out to 
meet sometime during this week. That way we can set up all promotional 
things we would like for the event and come up with some schedule of 
stuff. I am free all day tomorrow, in the evening Wednesday, and all day 
Thursday. Hopefully that will work and we can get something going. Let 
me know when you are free.

Jim Dinan wrote:
> Hi Farhad,
> I'm also planning to attend.  I'd be happy to help out with a booth.
>  ~jim.
> Farhad Salehi wrote:
>> LinuxFest Ohio is this weekend (the 29th) in Columbus. I am attending
>> the thing and would like to get a booth set up for the Open Source Club.
>> I will be there early in the morning as I will be setting up the FSF
>> booth and maybe manning it for a bit and so would not mind doing the
>> same thing for the club. Lets see if we can quickly get this sorted out
>> and at least have a presence like we did last year.
>> Here is when I am free and willing to man the booth.
>> 10AM - 3PM including lunch.
>> Note: If there is no booth for us I will become a roaming booth.

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