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Peter Dietz dietz.72 at osu.edu
Thu Sep 27 15:47:48 EDT 2007


Because it might help to have an agenda, or list of topics for tonights
meeting, here goes:
1) Introduce everyone (hi, I'm bob...)

2) Dig into food, free pizza from Google

3) Open Source Things of interest

a)Gutsy Gibbon Beta released today (thats Ubuntu 7.10) which has some very
(very) awesome new features

b)Live boot of Gutsy Gibbon

c)Ohio Linux Fest coming up

d)catching up on all the neat computer things out there

On 9/24/07, Peter Dietz <dietz.72 at osu.edu> wrote:
> Hey Everyone!
> The Open Source Club is excited to get the ball rolling and announce our
> first meeting of the school year. As far as themes go, I think we can't go
> wrong with the clever name of "Welcome Back". We'll catch up on new
> projects, news, maybe a round (or two) of slashdot, but also some planning
> for presentations this quarter, and preparations for this year's Ohio Linux
> Fest this weekend.
> Meeting 1 - Welcome Back
> Date: This Thursday (Sept 27th)
> Time: 7pm
> Location: Dreese Labs 480 / TBD -- (location is subject to change*)
> We will be introducing the club for new members, and also there will be
> Free Pizza and drinks. So be sure to come out.
> --
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> Peter Dietz
> Computer Science & Engineering -- The Ohio State University

Peter Dietz

Computer Science & Engineering -- The Ohio State University
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