[opensource] source code management

Evan Powers powers.161 at osu.edu
Fri Apr 4 15:33:38 EDT 2008

I second Mercurial. You get 99% of the git functionality you're likely
to use within first few years of having a DVCS[*] while being just as
easy to use as Subversion. Because it's distributed, working in a
small group without dedicated central server resources is quite
painless (and nobody needs to be elected system administrator), and
the learning curve is quite reasonable.

While Mercurial did just reach 1.0, it's been in production use for
years; the 1.0 number is largely meaningless for that project.

Don't use anything less sophisticated than Subversion. No CVS and
certainly no SourceSafe, but that probably goes without saying in this
crowd. ;-) Bitkeeper you'd have to pay for, and Larry's jaw would hit
the floor if he heard someone from the OSU Opensource club, of all
places, had done that.

- Evan

[*] You will, eventually, want to learn git, but Mercurial is a
worthwhile intermediate step.

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