[opensource] automated email parsing

Peter Dietz dietz.72 at osu.edu
Mon Apr 14 21:28:14 EDT 2008

Paul Betts a while back made a door access email program that accepted input
from an email, and then was able to parse it, extract data, and then make a
decision on it.

I would like to some similar thing, (not related to the door, nor will it be
likely to cause a stir), but it would need to take in emails, grab the data,
and in my case, put it in a mysql database. My question is, where do I

I'm comfortable doing processing of strings, so that I can do, but how do I
get a program I make get activated by emails, and so and so forth.

for an example, here is some sample data... (for football)
Statistics                  phant0mX22        BUDDHA1010
Rushing attempts for                  5              27
Rushing yards for                    23             286
Passing attempts for                 30              16
Passing yards for                   417             159
Punts                                 1               0

Thank you. (why do I think I'm going to get a reply that I should go learn

Peter Dietz

Computer & Information Science -- The Ohio State University
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