[opensource] Meeting [12/4]: Abusing the Unix Shell

Jim Dinan dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu
Mon Dec 8 23:58:20 EST 2008

Hello Again,

Attached is the Gnome wallpaper slideshow scripting example we looked at
during last week's meeting.

  Usage: wallpaper_slideshow.sh files...

Wallpaper slideshow takes a list of image files as input and changes the
wallpaper periodically using images from the list.  Directories are
allowed too, the script will recursively descend directories in search
of more images.  I also added a non-interactive mode so you can run the
script in the background (man nohup).

I think you can also configure Gnome to run the script automatically
when you log in via System->Preferences->Sessions then "Add".  If
anybody figures this out, I'm sure others would be interested.

Please feel free to post any questions, comments, or improvements to the
list!  :)

Happy Holidays!

Jim Dinan wrote:
> Hi All,
> Sorry for the delay.  The slides I presented from were from a class
> taught at ARSC (the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center) in Fairbanks,
> AK: http://people.arsc.edu/~cskills/schedule.shtml
> The individual slide decks are at:
> http://people.arsc.edu/~cskills/lectures/ARSC_Intro_UNIX_2008.pdf
> http://people.arsc.edu/~cskills/lectures/ARSC_Shell_Scripting_2008.pdf
> Another great batch of slides that we didn't get to is Joshua Malone's
> presentation on shell scripting given to the Charlottesville unix user's
> group:
> http://www.chuug.org/talks/20070424/jmalone-chuug-bash_scripting.pdf
> The wallpaper slideshow scripting example we discussed is forthcoming.
> Cheers,
>  ~Jim.
> James Dinan wrote:
>> Fellow Open Source Addicts:
>>   /******************************\
>>   *  Abusing the Unix Shell      *
>>   *  December 4, 2008 at 7:00pm  *
>>   *  Dreese Labs room 266        *
>>   \******************************/
>> Fun and merriment will ensue during this week's meeting as we explore
>> scripting, hacking, and otherwise misusing the Unix shell.  We'll start
>> with the basics and work our way towards complete shell ninja-dom.
>> The session will focus on the popular Bash shell and the Linux command
>> line.  Topics may include:
>>  * Bash scripting
>>  * The Linux file system, links, inodes, and file pwnership
>>  * dd if=/dev/urandom of=/vmlinuz count=42; echo "goodbye world"; reboot
>>  * Grepping for self defense
>>  * whatis Santa
>>  * Automating your secret moon base with cron
>> Please post any suggestions on what you'd like to hear about or any
>> scripting challenges you'd like to look at during the meeting.
>> See you then,
>>  ~Jim.
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