[opensource] Meeting [12/4]: Abusing the Unix Shell

Jim Dinan dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu
Tue Dec 9 10:51:11 EST 2008

Hi Brian,

Nope, wallpaper_slideshow isn't a screensaver.  It periodically changes
your desktop wallpaper for you even while you are using the machine (ie
right click on the desktop -> "Change Desktop Background" -> ...).

By the way, I had heard that the ATI linux drivers were pretty good
these days?  Is the conventional wisdom still to stick with Nvidia for
accelerated 3d under Linux?


Brian Swaney wrote:
> This could be a really stupid comment, but I'll post it anyway on the
> off chance that it's not.
> /Aaron Joseph wrote:/
>> I want to try adjusting the refresh rate to be a fraction of a second
>> and then try to use frames from a video with the script to see if I
>> can get it to the point of displaying a moving image on my desktop.
>> Unfortunately I foresee some serious resource usage problems on the
>> horizon since this is something that should really be done by writing
>> a program in C that does this. But if anyone happens to have a
>> supercomputer and can get this going then let me know how it turns out.
> If it's the screensaver, and is therefore running in response to the
> computer being /idle/, then you should have some extra CPU cylces to go
> around. Just run the proper codec and select a matching format file. I
> don't think I know enough about bash or videos to point you in the right
> direction, but I'm sure there is some string of commands you could use
> to display the output of a codec from a large file to your computer
> screen. Or you could probably use mplayer with some arguments or something.
> In the case of a low frame-rate, it's probably because of the graphics
> card. Mine is a proprietary ATI one, and if I try putting any kind of
> video in full screen, the frame rate is pathetic. On that new computer
> I'm returning, it has an Intel video card with a driver that (gasp!)
> actually works when you're not using Windows Vista. Unlike ATI, its
> framerate is significantly less than 1 second. I heard this card isn't
> the greatest at performance, but it certainly does the trick for
> full-screen videos. With the right video card and maybe a decent
> processor, this sort of thing should be doable; better than having a
> movie interrupted by a screensaver anyway.
> -Brian Swaney

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