[opensource] Microsoft Dreamspark

Marc Uhrich uhrich.1 at gradsch.ohio-state.edu
Wed Feb 20 08:55:42 EST 2008

Microsoft is now offering their developer and design tools to students
at no charge.  Since this is a mailing list of developers, I thought it
might be a nice opportunity for people to get their hands on SQL Server
2005 Developer Edition, Visual Studio 2008 or Windows Server 2003.  


In order to relate this to the topic of open source, I'd have to say it
is an ingenuous tactic by Microsoft to try to hook the kids while
they're young.   I know many developers that stuck with open source or
portable languages exclusively because they grew proficient with them in
college.  Developers who only know how to use Microsoft products will
require businesses to purchase at the very least a server product and a
copy of the developer product.  Seems like the empire is striking





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