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Marc Uhrich uhrich.1 at gradsch.ohio-state.edu
Thu Feb 21 09:50:49 EST 2008

They have been giving out the "express" version of Visual Studio and SQL
Server.  However, these products have limited functionality and some
other unhappy restrictions.  Also, 2008 doesn't have an express version
at this time.

Additionally, you can get a trial version of Windows Server 2003 to run
for free but unless you want to crack it or reinstall every 90 (or 120 I
can't remember) days it isn't really an option.  So having your own key
is handy.

Finally, I don't know a ton about the XNA Game Studio.  However, I do
know that there is some limitation to deploying games unless you have a
subscription to the Creators Club.  DreamSpark offers a yearly
subscription for free, so that's nice.

All in all, if you must dance with the devil from time to time having
access to this software for free is a nice treat.  Peter is right that
purchasing all of this would be extremely expensive. 

I read somewhere that people were turned off to open source software
because it's free and if they could get a pay product for free there
would be more of a perceived value.  The get what you pay for argument
may be steering people off track in relation to open source.  I'm not
saying it's true, but it is interesting to think about.
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Haven't they been doing this for a while with C# and whatnot? Isn't this

what their new "cross-platform" XNA thing is ntSig talked about last 
quarter? If you read its license agreement, it requires that you agree 
never to port it to a non-Microsoft OS in return for being able to make 
your own XBox games (the multiple platoforms being different versions of

Windows, alongside the XBox as another OS).

-Brian Swaney

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Marc Uhrich wrote:
> Microsoft is now offering their developer and design tools to students

> at no charge. Since this is a mailing list of developers, I thought it

> might be a nice opportunity for people to get their hands on SQL 
> Server 2005 Developer Edition, Visual Studio 2008 or Windows Server
> In order to relate this to the topic of open source, I'd have to say 
> it is an ingenuous tactic by Microsoft to try to hook the kids while 
> they're young. I know many developers that stuck with open source or 
> portable languages exclusively because they grew proficient with them 
> in college. Developers who only know how to use Microsoft products 
> will require businesses to purchase at the very least a server product

> and a copy of the developer product. Seems like the empire is striking

> back......
> Linkage
> https://downloads.channel8.msdn.com/Products.aspx
> Marc Uhrich
> Systems Engineer @ OSU Graduate School
> 247 University Hall, 230 N Oval Mall
> Columbus, Ohio 43210
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