[opensource] Re: Meeting Announcement: silverlight err rather SilverStripe CMS

Peter Dietz dietz.72 at osu.edu
Thu Feb 28 10:08:29 EST 2008

Update, I'm settling on Scott Labs @ 6pm tonight...

When: Thursday Feb 28 2008 @ 6PM
Where: Scott Labs 103
Pizza: free

I hope everyone can make it out to our opensource meeting tonight. I'm
trying a new location, Scott Labs (shiny pretty building with sky bridge
near Science & Engineering Library) because I think its pretty, and well it
fits with the idea of SilverStripe, that it has a great infrastructure.

SilverStripe is a MVC (Model View Controller) web development framework for
PHP5. It is listed as a CMS, but looking at the code, the CMS is just a
class/object/subset of the framework/language. Its also free and opensource.

Also, be sure to tell a friend who might be interested, we're open

Reasons for the room switch...
our speaker is mechanical engineering, and Scott Labs is the mech eng
building so as not to scare him
Dreese Labs is completely booked before 7, and I wanted to mess with the
time of the meeting, easier on the working folks

On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 7:24 PM, Peter Dietz <dietz.72 at osu.edu> wrote:

> Hey everybody,
> Our meeting this Thursday will have Jim Muir speaking, developing, and
> teaching about Silverstripe, an open source Content Management System (CMS)
> he really likes.
> http://www.silverstripe.com/
> When: Thursday Feb 28 2008 @ TBA
> Where: TBA
> Pizza: most definitely
> SilverStripe is an intuitive content management system atop a powerful
> object oriented MVC programming framework, Sapphire.
> The framework lets you rapidly code up the "objects" your project uses (
> e.g. staff members, products, customers, along with their relationships).
> You then add a few lines of code and find SilverSight has automatically
> added tables and columns to the database, let you use them in your website
> templates, and has added new "page types" and fields into the CMS for the
> content editor to utilise. As we said; stay up late for fun, not for your
> boss.
> We've rethought how content editors, developers, and designers should
> build and manage websites. We've arrived at a unique combination that
> empowers all three to get their jobs done more quickly and with more
> flexibility.
> =
> SilverStrike was a project of the Google Summer of Code (SoC) and the
> highly open participation content, and is currently under active development
> (just hit 50,000 update records).
> TBA = default plans are thursday Dreese Labs 266 @ 7pm, but I am trying to
> schedule Scott Labs (SO) 103 for 6pm on thursday because
> --
> ==
> Peter Dietz
> Computer & Information Science -- The Ohio State University

Peter Dietz

Computer & Information Science -- The Ohio State University
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