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Mr. Dietz,

Thanks for your message.  I posted a message on Opensource email list and it also appeared on the Opensource newsgroup in Dec '15, 07.  I have not received any reply to my question.  I understand nobody is obligated to answer my question.  Since it is public (within the subscribers) and I asked serious questions that seem to be something that people might be wondering about, don't you think it would serve better to the purpose and mission of Opensource group that my posting deserves at least a reply, either a helpful answer, some sorts of concern, or just putting out some empty words?  I think anything would be better than ignorance.  I don't see why getting new equipments or free pizza is interesting at all.  I don't see how you have peace when you are not responding to posted questions.  In other words, I don't see how you carry on everyday without any doubts that you did not do, did not say, did not respond, and that those are missing, and we can't move on.  What do you

Joy Wang 

Peter Dietz <dietz.72 at osu.edu> wrote: Hey Everyone,
 Some interesting news...
 **We have funding for purchasing computer equipment for our lab, which should make things nicer, and for those who hang out there, more productive. And also for meetings and events we should be able to have a linux machine to tote around with us. So we need to discus, and purchase some new (or used but still good) equipment for a nice office. 
 **The Computer Science department has waited until now to unveil an exciting new sequence/major/minor program, which I would have loved to have had available when I was a freshman/sophomore. It is called the IT entrepreneurship program for Computer Science students aka NEWPATH.  http://cse.osu.edu/ugrad/newpathhome.shtml
 === SNIP ===
 NEWPATH Objectives: NEWPATH is an NSF-supported program that has been set up at Ohio State with the mission to educate, train and nurture highly motivated students to become IT entrepreneurs of the information age. The most ambitious students will, by the time of graduation, be running their own IT startups and be ready to become the next generation of business and technology leaders of the IT world.  
   What: Information about NEWPATH, a new IT entrepreneurship program for BS-CSE, BS-CIS, and BS-ECE (Computer option) students.  
   When: 6:00 pm, Tuesday, January 15th.  
   Where: To be announced.  
   Who: Faculty advisors for the program (see below); and students interested in learning about/joining the program.  
   What else: Pizza and pop will be served.  
   RSVP (**required**): If you want to attend, please send mail to Prof. Bruce Weide (weide at cse.ohio-state.edu) indicating your interest.  
 === END SNIP ===
  ** Our freedisk can also be found online as a website about interesting open source software for your computer. http://opensource.cse.ohio-state.edu/freedisk/main.html  This list and site has been developed by Brian Swaney
 ** Google Pizza will be something I will be doing out of our lab at times throughout the quarter from our office. Basically we have money for pizza (or other food) for Computer Science (or other like minded) students here on campus, and its free for the eating. I'll just need to schedule, or post times of when one can find pizza at the office. 
 Upcoming talks...
 ** Livescribe ( a private company) has created a digital ink-pen that can record audio and also digitize your notes. Their soon to be released product has an SDK for creating apps that use this data, and they would like to give a talk this quarter.  http://www.livescribe.com/platform/index.html
 ** Ruby on Rails has been something that many of you are interested in know more about, perhaps we can get a talk about some of its cool features and other development examples can be done. 

 ** {Insert your talk here} -- We all know that I can only blab on for so long about Google, slashdot, and the like, so help make Open Source here at Ohio State more interesting by giving a talk on a topic that you are knowledgeable on. 
 As a result of a poll on our website ( which had 9 total votes :(  ) 
 Mondays and Thursdays seem to be favored days, with Wednesdays and Tuesdays trailing behind. 
 This Monday is a big game, so no meeting that day, so Thursday the 10th should work.
 Expect an official announcement as I reserve a room for the meeting this week. 
 I wish everyone the best this quarter academically, and whatever-ally you may be up to. 
Peter Dietz

Computer Science & Engineering -- The Ohio State University 
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