[opensource] How about an FS presentation?

Jim Dinan dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu
Mon Jan 21 12:18:11 EST 2008

Hi Everybody,

In response to Peter's solicitation for presentations I'd like to
suggest a presentation on up-and-coming file system developments in the
open source world.  I'm pretty busy myself so I'm going to be totally
lame and suggest this topic for someone else.  Do we have any kernel
hackers or FS junkies who'd be interested in tackling this?

I was just reading about BTRFS on kerneltrap and it looks really


Another interesting topic would be the Linux Logical Volume Manager
(LVM, not to be confused with LLVM -- a separate but really interesting

Today I was reading about LatencyTop on kerneltrap which is a kernel
patch plus userland utility for identifying the sources of kernel
latency/overhead incurred by a running application.  Yet another great
presentation topic!  :)

I think we still have several open slots this quarter so volunteer if
any of this stuff sounds interesting or if you have some ideas of your
own!  For those who haven't lead a club meeting before, we'd love to
hear from you!  Presentations are pretty informal and we like to have
lots of discussion.  The format is up to you: slides, demos, or just an
open discussion.  And it's always lots of fun!


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