[opensource] If you are creative and good with graphic/web design then I am looking for you.

Silas Baronda baronda.2 at osu.edu
Wed Jan 30 18:24:59 EST 2008

Hello Open Source Club,

I've been put in charge of creating a library application so people
can easily checkout, view, review, rate, tag, categories and manage
books in The Open Source Club Office.  I'm am nearing the finishing
stages of developing the API for this application and looking for
something that has a good taste for UI because I suck at that.  I was
hoping that someone could come up with a decent template for this
application and I would help them integrate it in.  This would be a
good for someone that is good with other languages and such but wants
to drip there fingers into Python and Django.  So if you want to
Design something SWEET! and have people look at this and say WOW!!!
then shoot me an email.  I would love to have multiply people work on
this but I will strictly enforce design consistently throughout the
process of building the site.  I am also looking for any
recommendations or comments about how some stuff should be

This is a brief information what I have and what I would like to see
this application evolve into.

Right now I was thinking once you go to
library.opensource.cse.ohio-state.edu then you would be presented with
a dashboard.

The Dashboard:
Would have your recent books out, recent books added to the system,
new reviews, and highest/lowest rated books.  Also Links to the other
parts of the site such as Browse, Search, etc.

The browser would be a place that you can view tags and category of
books.  Both tags and categories would be user generated.  For tags I
was thinking about doing a Tag Cloud. I was also thinking that you
could sort by highest and lowest rated books, how many reviews, what's
available, and most checked out book.  There are many possibilities
here and things are likely to change.

Pretty much a neat AJAX search dialog.  I was thinking if a user
searches for a book via ISBN number then it returns a row of
information.  Such as Title, Publisher, Author, and Availability.
Then if the user clicks one any area on the row then it will slide
down showing a description of the book and possibly reviews and stuff.
 I might be explaining this wrong but think of Google Reader list view
for an idea of what I am thinking.

Book Detail View:
This view would show the most about the book.  This would also be a
hard link to any book.  It would have a URL of something like
 The number being the ISBN number but it could also be a book-id
number which is just a index number in the database.
 But in this view it would show a Review which would then show Who
reviewed it, When, the actually review, reviewers rating, and then a
link for people viewing the review if they thought this review was
helpful or not.
 Also you could Tag a book with a good tag that hasn't been put in
yet. (GTK, c, XML, c++, etc.)

That is all I have for right now.  So if anyone really wants to help
just let me know.  Also a plus with working with me is that I will be
teaching Python and Django to the user.
I am also looking for people that will help me with some manual labor
of going through each booking and typing the ISBN number on a web
page.  I was also thinking about a way to get a description of each
book.  I was thinking about tapping into Amazons DB for this but I'm
not sure yet.  So any ideas on that would also be helpful.  Don't be
afraid to comment on anything I said either.  Things will likely
change so any ideas will be greatly be helpful.
Also remember that this is a Open Source Project which means that I or
TOSC will NOT pay you for any services done, but you get FREE pizza
and pop on Thursdays and hear sweet people talk about Open Source


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