[opensource] Summer Lecture: Damian Conway has "Fun with Dead Languages"

Peter Dietz dietz.72 at osu.edu
Thu Jul 10 13:06:22 EDT 2008

I hope everyone is having a great summer, and to make it better, we have the
wonderful opportunity to host a guest lecturer. Thus begins the Open Source
Summer Lecture Series

Damian Conway a world renowned perl contributor, and overall technology guru
is being flown in from Australia (courtesy of Nationwide Insurance), and
will be performing a free lecture to the opensource community.

The topic is titled, Fun with Dead Languages:
"Watch in mesmerized terror as Damian hacks code in five unrelated languages
(none of them Perl). Along the way, you'll also learn about modern
archaeological techniques, bidirectional cross- dressing, Ancient Greeks
hackers, improbable romances, the real Club Med, why programmers shouldn't
frequent casinos, the language of moisture vaporators, C++ mysticism,
conversational Latin, state machines on steroids, feeding the dog the
old-fashioned way, the shocking truth about anime, programming without
variables or subroutines, the Four Voids of the Apocalypse, Microsoft's new
advertising campaign, what the Romans used instead of braces, drunken
stonemasons, the ancient probabilistic wisdom of bodkins, how to kill a
language with a single byte, and the price of fish."

WHEN: Evening of Tuesday July 29th. Tentatively 6pm-8pm but expect this to
change as more details emerge.
WHERE: The Ohio State University, Independence Hall 0100 ( the big lecture
WHO: Damian Conway, a perl contributor
TOPIC: Fun with Dead Languages

We're expecting a decently large crowd, so please come out as this is likely
going to be a pretty interesting talk, and since the hall is large enough,
tell a friend. Also, the talk relies heavily on visuals, so that should add
to the entertainment.

Also, there's a chance of refreshments, and perhaps even book signings

Peter Dietz

Computer & Information Science -- The Ohio State University
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