[opensource] PyOhio: Python programming conference

James Dinan dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu
Sat Mar 22 11:24:03 EDT 2008

Forwarded message:

Hi, OSU folks!

I'd like to invite each of you to get involved in making something truly
cool happen this summer: PyOhio, a regional miniconference in Columbus.

It's still early in the process; we don't have a date, location, or
website yet... OK, it's VERY early in the process.  :)  That's why we
want you involved, to help make it happen.  I'd really appreciate it if
you would sign up for one or more of the following mailing lists:

PyOhio: an announcement-only list:

PyOhio-organizers: For everyone who's interested in discussing and
planning the conference:

centralOH at python.org <mailto:centralOH at python.org>: For all sorts of
coordination of Python activity in the area, not limited to PyOhio:

Thanks much, and I hope to see many of you at PyOhio!
- Catherine

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