[opensource] LWN Group Subscription

Wyatt Epp epp.8 at osu.edu
Mon Oct 27 17:30:11 EDT 2008

So today my feed reader chimed in to note that LWN had a new article up:
"Closing out the 2.6.28 merge window," supposedly detailing "significant
changes which were merged after last week's
summary<http://lwn.net/Articles/303609/>was written."  Sounds great,
right?  Subscribers only.  Incidentally, so is
last week's writeup.

Now, I'm not opposed to giving them money, really--  no, in general, I find
LWN's articles to be of high quality.  When I can read them.  But I'm
notoriously forgetful (ADHD :/ ).  I've forgotten to pay my mobile bill and
the blame thing reminds me at inopportune moments about *that.*  But I
caught a nifty tidbit on their subscriptions page and got to thinking.

"We offer a competitive rate for university/non-profit subscriptions..." it
reads.  Incidentally, that's exactly what we are.  Could we; should we;
might we consider trying to get one of these group accounts?  I was a little
reluctant to just throw this out there, but such a move would benefit more
than just myself, I think.  I can't imagine that no one else here has
encountered that very same frustration at being denied what might be an
interesting article for a month (by which point you've forgotten it

Thoughts on this?

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