[opensource] Forums VS Mailing List: which one do we want to use for communication

William R. Lorenz wrl at express.org
Fri Sep 26 17:30:25 EDT 2008

On Fri, 26 Sep 2008, Paul Betts wrote:

>> I personally want to just keep the mailing list and remove the forums 
>> from the site because I'm guessing that almost no-one is going to want 
>> to keep logging in to the club website to see if anything new shows up 

> I'm with you on this one, please keep the mailing list. There are few 
> advantages to a forum and many disadvantages. The only tangible one that 
> I can think of is that new subscribers can read the previously sent 
> messages, which is also satisfied by the mailing list archive.

I agree that the mailing lists should be kept for easy communications.  I 
can't imagine people would want to check a website for updates, even with 
RSS feeds.  The mailing list allows people to use their email account.

> If you want the benefits of both, write a web front-end to the mailing 
> list that has threading similar to GMail or other mail clients. Or the 
> easier route is, to just link to the existing archive on the site, or do 
> something with Google Groups (don't know much about that - sorry).

You could use Hypermail to thread the mailing list archives.  The website 
for the free software is at http://www.hypermail.org/ (I realize the 
website looks horrid, but the software itself works reasonably well). 
I'm sure there's other packages out there that do the same thing, as well.

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