[opensource] MEETING [10/2] : Introduction to Linux

Aaron Joseph joseph.181 at osu.edu
Mon Sep 29 04:18:38 EDT 2008

I will be giving a presentation at the next Open Source Club meeting that
will discuss topics like:

   - What is Linux
   - What does Linux do
   - Why is Linux better than Windows
   - Who does Linux appeal to
   - What are some of the advantages/disadvantages of using Linux

I will also show off some of the features that you can only get with Linux.

Finally, I will do a complete installation of Linux so that you can see how
easy it is to get. To keep things interesting I will try to address some of
the more common issues that someone might run into during an install and
show how to get past these issues.

If you are a Windows user that is thinking about switching over to Linux or
are unsure about why you should switch over then you should come to this

If there are any other topics you would like me to address then just email
me and I will try to work your topic into the presentation.

-Aaron Joseph
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